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Inconsistent DTV audio loudness is the leading complaint of television viewers, a problem easily solved by the® audio loudness manager.  Ideally suited for local broadcasters and affiliate stations seeking to match local and network content while providing a seamless surround-sound experience, the 1RU is the simplest and most cost-effective solution for guarding against loudness shifts and loss of surround sound available today. (V3) is an 8-channel (5.1+2) audio loudness manager.  It offers 5.1 upmixing provided by the renowned Linear Acoustic UPMAX® algorithm, which provides compelling 5.1-channel audio with complete down mix compatibility, plus the AutoMAX-II™ auto-detection algorithm which smoothly and automatically bypasses upmixing when applied content is already 5.1 channels.  Full-time LoRo or LtRt stereo downmix outputs are provided, as are AES I/O with auto-sensing HD/SD-SDI I/O for up to 16 audio channels plus SMTE 2020 A/B metadata support.  GPI and metadata control of functions is also built-in.

Options include:

  • 5.1 channel Dolby Digital (AC-3) and Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3) encoding
  • SNMP monitoring

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What Users Are Saying

Having great 5.1 surround sound accompany HD pictures is a necessity with an even of this magnitude.  The Linear Acoustic e-squared system was one  of the multichannel audio paths used for distributing the programs for broadcast.  This is one of the most watched broadcasts in the world, with entertainment moments that are preserved for history, so audio quality and reliability were critical for us.

Tad Scripter

Engineer in Charge for the 81st Academy Awards

Our viewer complaints concerning audio immediately went to ZERO, and we sound great.  Not much more to say besides today's digital stations just plain need one.

Brady Dreasler


KMOV has been using the AERO.air (5.1) for two months and we are very happy with the results.  The quality of our audio signal improved noticeably when we placed the unit on the air.  The 5.1 channel synthesizing and audio levling is substantially better than with our previous device.  The internal audio/video frame synchronizer function completely cleans up the signal and has corrected a problem with incompatible audio frames on switches.  Linear Acoustic did everything possible to ensure that the installation and configuration was correct for our particular needs.  I could not be more pleased with the company or the product.  


Walt Nichol

Director of Technology, Broadcast Media

KMOV-TV St. Louis

The Linear Acoustic is definitely one of the easiest-to-set-up pieces of audio processing gear I have ever experienced.  Plus, it sounds great with little or no effort.  Having been in the business for 40-plus years, I have seen my share of audio processing and this unit, by far, is my favorite.  It “fixes” the levels the network sends us in a very pleasant way and makes the viewers very happy.


Tom Bondurant

Director of Engineering


Modern digital broadcast audio such as 5.1 surround sound and its metadata have made QC monitoring extremely important to our operations.  In our move to a digital environment, we needed an advanced solution that would appropriately adjust metering and playback audio levels throughout the entire broadcast chain.  We chose the Linear Acoustic LAMBDA based on an expectation of excellent audio quality, and that is exactly what we see.  We’ve had the units in place for several months, and they have provided exceptional performance across all three of our channels.


Gene Talley

Director of Eng. Operations


Like many broadcasters, we experienced a lot of problems with varying audio levels for network and local programming, particularly during playout of news and sports.  We needed a way to address this discrepancy in loudness levels and even out audio volume, and the Linear Acoustic AERO.air has proven to be a wonderful solution.  We noticed a significant difference immediately upon implementing the processor, and we haven’t received any comments about disparities in audio loudness since.


Brent Robinson, Chief Engineer


After switching our Comcast channel delivery from analog to digital, we discovered that our audio levels were out of control and we had cracking and popping that we could not resolve, causing viewer complaints every day.  We called Linear Acoustic, and they offered to locate and fix the problem for us, leave the equipment in for us to try, and for a very affordable price - a no brainer.  Wow!  No more complaints from the viewers or the boss - just perfect audio at all times, and in full-time 5.1.


Jan Strock

Director of Engineering


Our AERO.air was installed and placed into service this past April.  The unit integrated seamlessly with our existing equipment, and I’ve certainly been impressed with the overall quality of the 5.1 surround sound it provides.  If that weren’t enough, viewer concerns over commercial loudness have been virtually eliminated and we are now prepared as the CALM Act passed into law.


Moreau Dugas

Engineering Operation Manager


The LAMBDA is a top-shelf piece of gear.  It is definitely the future of broadcast facility audio monitoring.


Joey Gill

Chief Engineer


AERO.max 5.1 is IMPRESSIVE and although I am far passed being able to be impressed, I am with this gadget.  The fact that we were able to easily insert our EAS as well was icing on the cake.  We put it online with an external Dolby 569 encoder and last night I watched at home with my wife.  Wow!  The 5.1 is at the output all the time, simulated when local stereo is used, and passed as 5.1 from the network when available.  The leveling makes transition between local and network material seamless, and I do not hear (or see) my Onkyo receiver switching surround modes during the breaks either.  It has provided WJCT a very uniform and constant off-air sound and fixed dialnorm settings no matter where the material is coming from.  FABULOUS gadget.


Duane Smith

Director of Technology


Our loudness control problems have virtually ceased thanks to the AERO.air (5.1).  The LAMBDA is a very powerful (and cool) box.  I still need to teach myself how to use it to its fullest potential and hope to add the AC-3 option later this year which will make it a huge addition to my troubleshooting arsenal.  


Prentiss Laird

Engineering Technical Manager


We own two AERO.air (DTV) units and are extremely pleased with their performance.  Both units were easy to configure and have provided reliable processing and level control.  We also selected these units for the ease of 5.1-to-stereo downmix.  We have agreed to supply our cable providers a direct SD feed for several more years.  This downmix ability provides us with a single platform solution for both our HD and SD feeds.  We monitor all feeds with our LAMBDA monitoring unit.  It gives us a good handle on our 5.1 processing and the dialnorm of any feed on our wideband router.


Jay Nix

Director of Engineering


As we were wrapping up the thousands and thousands of pieces of gear that we used during our coverage of the Games in London, one of the things that stood out in my mind was the use of the Linear Acoustic AERO.qc-II. We had one at every venue audio control room and several throughout the Broadcast Center, and they really simplified what we had to do to bring recording done in 3.0, or legacy material originally done in stereo, into a 5.1 presentation. The transitions were automatic, seamless and difficult to discern. In addition, the AERO.qc-II offered a great loudness meter, especially when using the VGA output. Support from the company was well beyond what anyone could have reasonably expected.

Bob Dixon
Director Sound Design and Communication
NBC Universal

We are very happy with the AERO.lite units. Everything sounds great, and is in compliance too!  These units sound very transparent.  Really nice gear.


Carl Peters
Director of Engineering
Regional News Network, NY